Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jonathan's At Gratz Park

Jonathan's, a five-star dining experience, has pretty outstanding food. But what's consistently not outstanding is the service. My trip to Jonathan's was with a very well-dressed crowd on a weekend night when it wasn't very busy. Still, our table was neglected for refills on drinks, our initial order, and our check. Our food took the better part of an hour to be delivered, and only after multiple requests from our "server." Typically we don't decommend a restaurant based on one trip; however, we had heard from many others who dined at Jonathan's that service was equally poor. These shenanigans are expected at low-priced chains like Applebee's and Chili's, but not at a restaurant with few items under $30.

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  1. I concur with this decommendation. I tried to schedule our company's Christmas dinner at Jonathan's this past year (usually a dinner with a final check that would make your jaw drop)... after many calls and emails, I gave up trying to make the reservation.

    I received several assurances that they had plenty of openings (availability to accomodate our party at Christmas time wasn't the problem), but they consistently wouldn't call or email back when they promised. We subsequently went to Rossi's on Chinoe and gave THEM all our money. They were happy to take it.