Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pazzo's Pizza

While they make outstanding pizza, calzones and the like, and have a fun collegiate atmosphere, we have to decommend Pazzo's Pizza Pub for consistently poor service. Multiple trips to Pazzo's during varied hours of the day and week have proven extremely slow service. Drinks take longer than 15 minutes (and good luck with a refill) and don't count on your pizza being ready for 45-minutes to an hour, maybe longer if you're in a large group. Oh, and never bring a service dog in or the wait staff and owner will ignorantly preach to you about how your "pet" is not allowed in the restaurant. Other things never to ask for: a to-go box, or your check. Both will take a long time to be delivered. Bottom line, if you have plenty of time to kill and want a good piece of pizza, head to Pazzo's. If you get frustrated by waiting and negligent service, try Joe Balogna's.

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  1. I can do you one better here, Jay. We went to a German resteraunt last night for dinner. We got there around 6, and there was only one couple in the place. We ordered around 6:15, and it was no earlier than 7:30 when our food came. By these standards...at least Pazzo's is busy and has an excuse, and I've never seen it take over an hour, maybe approaching an hour, to get food there!