Tuesday, January 30, 2007


If you're looking for an Internet Service Provider that costs a lot, goes down often, has poor customer service, tells their employees conflicting information, and bills you about $15 more than advertised, Windstream is the company for you! From the beginning I should've known better than to go with Windstream, but I thought I'd take the cheaper route. When I first setup service, I was told by one employee that my order was confirmed, but a day later called only to find out that I never existed. I also was told the service cost one price, but a higher price by the second rep. I was also told once that a phone line was not required, but then later found out that was only a myth. When I cancelled my appointment, they showed up anyway, and somehow also sent two modems (which both took about 3 weeks to arrive--"which is normal," according to customer service.) My service has been going down at least once a week and hold time for customer service typically is 30 minutes. Oh, and my supposedly cheaper service is padded in about $15 of taxes, fees, and special services.

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