Monday, March 19, 2007

American Airlines

Congratulations, American Airlines, for earning the absolute lowest rating possible for your shockingly horrible service! (Three strikes, you're out.) We "award" American Airlines this "destigious" award for a variety of reasons. First, strike one, poor treatment of baggage. I was flying to Texas for a shoot, and carried my HD camera on with me, but of course, had to gate check it, where I thought it would be more safely treated. Upon re-arrival in Lexington, my lens had been forcibly jostled off the camera and was left opened up for scratches or damage. It will need to be sent back for cleaning and possible repair. Of course I was frustrated and annoyed, but figured these things happen, so wanted to call Customer Service. Here comes strike two. AA does not publish ANY phone number for customer service. It's basically saying "we do NOT want to talk to you, and we expect you will have problems." Niiiice. So, you have to fill out a clunky web-based email form, which I did, and received a prompt auto-reply. Strike three: a week later, no reply. Even in my spam. Nothing. Not a word. Strike four: I finally decided to call the one number they did list--for "returns and refunds" which was a pay call, not toll free. When I did call, I went through nearly 10 minutes of informational messages, and heard them repeat my ticket number approximately 8 times, only to finally reach the coveted "press 0 for an operator," which I did. But, the phone rang once and said everyone was busy, and hung up on me! So, I find myself completely unable to discuss the matter with anyone, and when using their only method available to communicate, they still won't respond. Aside from not giving you nuts on the plane, American Airlines' blatant disregard for customer service and mankind in general not only places them in the mile-high, three-strike club, it also literally makes me wonder how they're still in business.

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  1. I have to agree with this rating. On a recent trip where we had to change planes through Dallas. First our plane was nasty-dirty plane. Seriously, there was some weird colored liquid that had dried near the personal light and vent, and I think the wing was dirty enough someone could have written "wash me" on it. Second, unsurprisingly it had some sort of maintenance problem. So we were out on the runway waiting in line when they told us about this problem and we had to turn around. After sitting on the parked plane for a while they tell us we're going to have to change planes. We finally get off the ground 2 hours later. Oh, yeah, they they tried to sell us snacks on the plane. A candy bar for $3! No thank you, I'll get a #4 from Taco Bell instead!