Sunday, July 27, 2008


The best card game, no one has ever heard of. In Rack-O you try to be the first to line up your cards from lowest to highest, without re arranging the cards you have. You have to draw and discard cards and hope no one else beats you to do it. You can go for the quick victory and score 75 points, but if you can wait and get three cards in sequential order you get 50 bonus points, but only if you win. If someone else beats you to it, there is no bonus. Original Rack-O is a simple, addictive card game that doesn't have any wild cards or mess like that. Newer versions of the game are a little less true to form, but you can easily ignore the wild cards and play straight.

Explaining the game and why it is so fun is hard to do, but simply stated, it is just the most fun you'll ever have loosing to me in a card game

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