Saturday, July 21, 2007

Surf's Up Grille

Located at/near Fayette Place across from Bella Notte. We went as a group of twelve on a Friday night, which should not have been a problem because there weren't many people there. It took a long time to get even our drink orders. We were there about an hour before getting our food at this semi-fast food restaurant. The french fries were disgusting. The burger bun was slightly burnt. A friend's quesadilla looked like bean paste in a burnt tortilla.

Summary: bad food; bad service


  1. Are you retarded?!? The french fries at Surf's Up Grille are so good. If you think they are disgusting then you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Why don't you go get some more McDonald's frozen potato sticks you freaking idiot?

  2. Thanks for the mature comment anonymous. That's what this would needs, more people calling each other names like 6th graders.

    That's reason enough not to go to Surf's Up Grill: to avoid running into you there.

  3. When deciding where to go for dinner, do you normally think more about anonymous people from the internet, or how the food tastes? My comment may have been rude and immature, but I am right. The french fries at Surf's Up Grill are cut and made from fresh potatoes right at the restaurant. If you can't appreciate that, then you obviously don't understand what quality food is.

  4. just listening to anonymous made me never want to eat there. I eat at In n' Out Burger and they make their fries right there fresh... but you know what? Sometimes the fries given time to be properly prepared and then frozen will actually taste better than fresh cut which pretty much just means they shoved a potato into a cutter and then dumped into a deep fryer.

    I'd rather go to some place that buys frozen fries that are prepared. Given to both sides, it is easy to over or undercook fries and both those things make them taste horrible. Maybe the fries that day were not up to expectations, but that does not excuse the poor service.